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The Fisher Cat - Traditional New England good looks in an easy to maintain fiberglass package.

The only people happier with the new Fisher Cat than us, are the owners who have been sailing their boats this summer. Comfortable seating for four adults, great performance, and minimal weather helm. She's simply a lot of fun to sail. It doesn't get any better than that.

A fun famliy sail in a Fisher Cat featuring a great color, Aquarius Blue.

Here is #9, which we launched on August 1st, 2008

The Fisher Cat turns in its own length and is faster than cat boats 18 feet long.

LOA - 14'3"

Beam - 6'10"

Draft - 8"/ 2'6"

Cockpit - 7' 8" x 6'

Sail Area - 163 sq. ft.

Displacement - 625 lbs.

The Fisher Cat is $21,995 including Sail, Trailer, and Standard Equipment. They come with everything you need to sail away....Standard

Look how effortlessly she goes even in light air, yet she remains stiff in a blow. (Our Barnstable Cat Boat in the foreground.)

Stretch out and make yourself comfortable.

Plenty of room for everyone, as well as comfortable. (We were sailing past our speed-testing partner, a Marshall 18 when this photo was taken!)

These boats are simply one of the most satisfying boats we've ever sailed. And, I have to say, perhaps the prettiest Cat Boat I've ever seen.







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