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The Barnstable Cat Boat.

The only totally "true" fiberglass reproduction of the original wooden catboat designed by Carl Beetle in 1921, The Barnstable Cat Boat looks and sails exactly the same as the wooden version. The only difference between a wooden boat and the Barnstable Cat Boat is a fiberglass hull and deck. Appearance-wise one cannot tell the difference....right down to the deck texture which you'll swear is canvas! Performance-wise, the two boats race together equally in many fleets in New England. Our goal has always been to have the Barnstable Cat Boat exactly the same for those people who would like to have a traditional wooden boat, but prefer the ease of a fiberglass boat.

The primary advantage of the fiberglass boat is a drastically lower cost of ownership and greater ease of ownership due to much less maintenance being required.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our boats.....hand-laid & cored fiberglass hull and deck, deck texture of real canvas (like the wooden version), cedar cockpit, oak coamings and chafing strip, fir spars, original bronze hardware....they are a true classic.

Because of our high quality and low production volume, combined with ongoing demand, Barnstable Cat Boats have great resale values. In fact, many well-maintained boats have sold for more than they were when new.

Optional Custom Gelcoat individualizes this new boat.

You can see all the beautiful wood that enhances the look of the Barnstable Cat Boat. Cedar Cockpit, Oak Coamings and Oak Rails, Fur Spars. You will even think the deck is canvas-covered, but it's actually no-maintenance gelcoat.

'GEM' making her debut at the 2003 Maine Boatbuilder's Show.
(We've sold a lot of colored boats because of her!)

Can we build one for you? (Please See "Boats for Sale" Page for Current Availability)






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