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Howard Boats specializes in all parts for Beetle Cats and Barnstable Cat Boats. We have everything in stock. Call to order (508) 362-6859

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We store and maintain many Beetles year in and year out as we have been since 1938. During the course of the year we restore a good deal of boats as well, performing re-framing jobs, deck jobs, plank replacements, you name it. As you can see from the story below, our work is high quality and stands up!

This is a varnished oak transom built into a Barnstable Cat Boat built by Howard Boats! Looks pretty good, eh? Our work looks equally good in Wood or Fiberglass.

A few years back we won the Leo Telesmanick Beetle Cat Champs two years back-to-back with a 30 year-old boat we restored.!

In 2012 we almost did it again. We started about 10 days before the Beetle Championships (The Leo Telesmanick) and turned around a rough boat into a winner. We ended up Second Overall due to a mast-related breakdown, but we were First in the Men's Championship. The photos below show the boat's re-do.

In 2013 Peter and Taylor Eastman won The Leo Telesmanick Beetle Cat ('National') Championships with the red boat. We also won the Hyannis Regatta Beetle Cat fleet (the weekend before the Leo) and the Barnstable Yacht Club Beetle Cat summer championship series this year. Incidentally, we won the Rhodes 18 Nationals the weekend after the Leo, so we had a few fun weekends in a row in 2013.

Here you can see what's needed even on a 12 year-old Beetle when the only place it leaks is between the CB Trunk and the Keel. Worked like a charm.

Below is my daughter and me racing in the regatta in big breeze off of Bass River. (Photos below by Emily Ferguson)

Below is the Story from our 2005 and 2006 Beetle success in the Leo Telesmanick Regatta

That's right, Howard Boats owner and racer, Peter Eastman, won the 2005 and 2006 Leo Telesmanick Beetle Cat Championship (symbolic of the "Beetle Cat Nationals") with a boat that we almost cut up and threw away in the spring of 2005 . We took the 1976 Beetle in trade on a new Barnstable Cat Boat during the summer of 2004. It sat outside all winter with no deck canvas on it and no paint. It spent most of the winter filled with ice and under two-plus feet of snow. It really was a "basket case" when we started.

Anyway when March rolled around we had to make the decision whether to throw it away or do something with it. We needed a boat for the "Nationals" so we rebuilt it and won the regatta with it. In addition, Peter's wife, Tracey Taylor, won the Women's Championship by finishing third overall and thereby being the top finishing woman in the regatta in 2005.

Here are some "before and afters" of the boat that Peter won in. Unfortunately, they don't fully show how bad the boat really was when we brought it into the shop!

We can resuscitate just about any bronze-fastened Beetle. So no matter what your boat might be suffering from, give us a call.....we've pretty much seen it all. Go to Past Jobs to see other Beetle rebuilds and restorations.






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